Mini Militia Cheats – How to Use Them 100% Working Cheats

Gaming on Smartphone has become widely popular. Many new and exciting games are regularly launched however only a few games can meet expectations of a broad audience.  The Doodle Army 2 game has managed to reach new heights of popularity. It is commonly known as mini militia and is played by many users today.  Even though the graphics of the game are not of the highest level yet, there are many people who are addicted to the match.  The game is competitive, challenging and exciting.  There are many features of the game that are locked initially. As you reach ahead on your level of expertise, new features are unlocked that make the gameplay even better.  Giving access to all these additional features require a lot of effort and time however you can make use of various mini militia cheats that are 100% working to unlock features quickly, but you also need to know how to use them.

Mini Militia Cheats

If you are starting to play the game, it is beneficial to learn about the various aspects of the game that it offers. Many reasons make the mini militia such a big success. Following are some of the key elements that mini militia game provides:

  1.  Multiplayer Gaming

Multiplayer compatibility of the mini militia is considered to be one of the best among all Smartphone games.  You can play with other users using the multiplayer mode and even play with system generated opponents.  With whatever opponents you play, the game is equally fun. You can play with as many as six players at a time without facing any problem.

  1.   Play multiplayer without any Internet

Not only the story mode but you can play against actual users without an internet connection. Just connect all the players through a single hotspot connection and enjoy the multiplayer game without needing to log into the web.

  1.   Challenge other social media users

Connect to the internet and invite all your Google+ friends for a multiplayer game. You can even play together with other players and work as a team

  1.   Less internet consumption and high performance

Unlike most other multiplayer games, mini militia consumes very less amount of internet. It is very light and does not consume much RAM. The game runs very smoothly in low configuration devices as well which is again a reason for its so high popularity. The game is available for multiple platforms including Android and iOS and performs equally well.

  1.   Unique gameplay

The gameplay is excellent. Features such as rocket boots for moving across the screen makes it unique. You can continue to fight with opponents when flying around.

Some famous mini militia cheats that you can try to score high

Mini Militia Cheats

The fun of mini militia is increased many times when you have all the features unlocked. If you are not using cheat codes in the game, then you would have to spend a certain amount of money for buying certain features that are enabled only when you make a purchase. The choice of using the cheat codes will, however, depend on the player. Some users like to wait and put their effort to win battle points however other players want to enjoy the complete game from the very first day.

When you are playing multiplayer, you can find yourselves in big troubles when the other person is making use of cheat codes. If you have limited features and are at a low level, then your character would continue to die regularly.  There are many codes available over the internet although some of them are fake. Each of these codes is built to provide a certain specific kind of benefits.  Some cheats require an additional file to download and run whereas there are others that anyone can use easily. Cheats that users can use directly through chat windows are more popular because you can use them multiple times during a battle. Following are some of the most common cheat codes that are used by players during fights:

  1.    If you are looking for 7000 battle points, try code “Gummy Bear.”
  2.    For a one battle pack point, use code “FZ_JpGdGF8E2W” similarly for two and four battle pack point, you can use code “HF_FrT1savf2o” and “SD_52FNXtsF2x” respectively
  3.    Use code “Duke” to become captain
  4.    Hat loading regularly? Try code “Tootsie Pop.”

You can use the above hacks directly through the chat window which makes them very easy to use.   Apart from the above cheat codes, the use of chat codes is also very popular. In multiplayer gaming, you can make use of following chat codes to enjoy the game:

  •    “RU” for Ready Up
  •    “LG” for Let’s Go, Yeah!
  •    “NN” for Noooooo
  •    “CB” for Come on Boy
  •    “CM” for Cover Me
  •    “MO” for Move Out
  •    “GM” for Oh, They Got Me
  •    “NS” for Nice Shot
  •    “GG” for Good Game

By making use of above chat codes, you can make better tactics and win battles with ease. With so many chat codes available for use during fights and unlocked weapons, you will feel more confident and can concentrate better on your targets.

There are multiple websites that offer cheat codes. When downloading an additional file to run the code, it is very important to stay cautious and download files that you can rely on. Some of the cheats are paid whereas if you search wisely, you can find sites that offer free cheats as well.  Few of the cheat codes and chat codes are specific to the operating system on which the game is running. Look for codes that work with your device.  Past users of such codes provide their feedbacks after using them which will help you identify the 100% genuine codes from so many options available.  

To win battles, it is important to use the cheat codes wisely.  Multiplayer mode can get very challenging as some of the players are expert in using the right cheats at the right time. Playing the game regularly and staying updated on the latest cheats will help you stay ahead in the competition.



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